Woman in Richmond, Virginia

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This is another little Carte de Visite of an unidentified young woman. I just wanted to share it because it’s an especially lovely image. Though I know nothing about her, there’s at least a little information about the photographer. Here is the back:

A photographer named George W. Davis operated at 827 Broad Street in Richmond for the latter decades of the 19th Century, when I believe this photo would have been taken. (He also had a studio in Washington, D.C.) I’ve found other examples of his work online, some of which are labeled “Richmond Photograph Co.”, as this one is, and others of which are labeled “Geo W. Davis” or “G. W. Davis”. Though I haven’t worked too hard at it, I haven’t found an obvious reason for the difference, such as a specific date after which the business’s name changed. Interestingly, it seems he was known for giving employment to, and thereby launching the careers of, a couple of the city’s African-American photographers, as is noted in this article.