Louie and Fred

What it is:

Approx. 2 x 4 inches photo mounted on a 5.25 x 3.5 inches cardboard backing/frame.

What I know about it:

The word Tubbs is embossed on the frame along the left side of the image.  The names Louie Beale and Fred Barnes are handwritten in ink on the back.  (This photo came from an estate sale in Oregon, but there is no actual indication of the photo’s origin.)


My sister gave this to me as a gift.  She was amused by the way the guy on the right (Fred?) appeared to be tipping over.  It amuses me, too.  I am puzzled by the fact that the photo and frame are off center.   And I am intrigued by the different styles of clothing (note, for instance, the different collars).

2 comments on “Louie and Fred”

  1. Resembles a School Photograph….i.e. boarding school, or college……

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