Gals on the roof

What it is:

Two photos, measuring 3.5 x 5.25 and 3.5 x 5 inches respectively.  The one on the right is printed on slightly heavier paper stock.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


These two photos were sold to me together, and they certainly look like they belong together.   If you count the women left to right from 1 to 6, then #3 looks like #5, and #2 looks like #6, but #1 and #4 don’t quite look the same to me.  But it’s hard to tell.   Not to mention, all six dresses are different.  I don’t know what’s going on here.  My best guess is that a bunch of friends went on a shopping spree to stock up on the latest fashions, and then headed to the roof to document their purchases.   And while my automatic assumption is that this is Manhattan, who knows?  The dress on #4 looks like it was inspired by a dirndl, but the buildings look North American to me.   How many of these friends were there?  And how many more photos were taken that I don’t have?   At least I have these, and I think they are fun.

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