Cousin Georg in Vienna, 1908

What it is:

Cabinet card measuring 3.25 x 6.25 inches.

What I know about it:

Photographer is L[udwig] Grillich of Vienna.  There is an inscription on the back in cramped old-fashioned German handwriting that is nearly indecipherable to me, but to the best of my knowledge it reads Zur freundliche Erinnerung!  Dein Cousin Georg  28./11. 1908, which means approximately To happy memory! Your cousin George, November 28, 1908.


Venturing back into the old Austro-Hungarian empire for another image here.  I’ll have to create a separate category for them at some point.  Once again, thank goodness for the internet when researching these old photos.  Genealogy websites are often especially handy, since there are pages devoted to figuring out your old family photos, including tips on reading old-timey handwriting, even in foreign languages.  It would have been hard enough to read this in English, but antique German handwriting is different.  Luckily, I had studied German, so at least that gave me a sense of what words I might logically be looking for.  Also, in a completely lucky chance just now, I stumbled upon a website that identified the photographer’s first name as Ludwig, when here it is only identified by the first initial L.  As for the image itself, Cousin George certainly looks like a proper gentleman.

2 comments on “Cousin Georg in Vienna, 1908”

  1. German and Russian. I am impressed. (No, really, I AM impressed!)

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