Young man from Danielson, Connecticut

What it is:

Photo (4 x 5.5 inches) on cardboard frame/backing (5.25 x 7.5 inches).

What I know about it:

Photographer is A. Benoit of Danielson, Conn.  Otherwise undated and unidentified.


This is the photo I was planning to post last week before I got distracted by the whole Danielson/Danielsonville thing in that post.  Given the similarities, it’s not unreasonable to assume there’s some relation between the two sitters, though it could just be a coincidence that they went to the same photographer.  Meanwhile, this handsome young fellow is interesting enough to look at by himself.  I’m particularly struck by his bold tie and wide belt, looking like they belong on a suit from the 1970s, and amazed, as always, at the cyclical nature of fashion.

6 comments on “Young man from Danielson, Connecticut”

  1. What an interesting tie/collar combination. It does not look at all comfortable. His hair looks as though it was curled in front. I keep trying to determine if it is his natural curl or not???

    • The collar would certainly help keep your posture correct, wouldn’t it? As for his hair, I was assuming it was naturally curly, but I could be wrong. As you say, it does look like he put some effort into styling it.

  2. His hair does look kind of roller-curled on his left side. I’m surprised by the geometric design of the tie!

  3. What a dapper young man. I love this image! 🙂

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