Accordion player

What it is:

Photo (5 x 7 inches) inserted into a cardboard frame/folder.  (I cropped most of the frame out of this scan.)

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


I get the feeling this guy knows what he’s doing.  I wonder if he’s a professional, or just an avid hobbyist.  The cardboard folder strikes me as the sort of thing you would use to present your photo to a relative, rather than, say, a press agent, but that doesn’t mean a professional musician wouldn’t present a publicity photo to a relative.  To me, this looks more like it’s from a photographer on Main Street than an industry photographer in a recording studio.  I suppose it’s the quirky juxtaposition of the accordion against the rather classical backdrop.  Still, I could be wrong.  Regardless, I trust that whoever owned it was proud.

4 comments on “Accordion player”

  1. I love accordions! Thanks for the great picture. . .

  2. At first, I thought you wrote, “an avid hypnotist.” There is something about those eyes…

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