Four people on a big rock

What it is:

Unused real photo post card trimmed down to 4.25 x 2 inches.

What I know about it:

Undated and unidentified.  But the paper manufacturer’s markings on the back (AZO, with all four triangles pointing up) date it to 1904-1918.


The postcard markings on the back aren’t aligned with the image on the front, making me assume the photo was erroneously shot at a poor angle.  But maybe it was just affixed to the paper wrong, and the edges showing errors were trimmed off.  I don’t know enough about the “real photo post card” process to know which is more likely.  In any case, I wonder if anything was trimmed from the edges that might have given us a clue as to who these people are, where this rock is, and whey they are all perched on top of it.  Their smiles make me want to climb up there and join them, and see what’s up.

3 comments on “Four people on a big rock”

  1. I think your post names are rubbing off on me Matt. 🙂

    • LOL. Or vice versa! 😉 Yeah, I’ve mostly been keeping it simple and direct. Honestly, I think it would be lovely to use some romantic or literary title for these posts, but half the time I can’t think of anything appropriate without making my efforts all about coming up with a clever title. Also, unlike your photos, where you are the artist and your titles are part of the expression of your vision, I usually try to be as open-minded about what I’m seeing as I can, since a different sort of title might attach meaning that isn’t the real story. For instance, this one might be called “Achievement!” because they all managed to climb atop the rock. But perhaps a man-made dam on their property just broke, and they climbed on the rock to flee rising flood waters, in which case it could be called “Fail!”. I love exploring the possibilities of these photos, but I hesitate to attach to much definitive meaning unless I’m sure. (And besides, the blunt simplicity of “Four people on a big rock” kind of amused me.)

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