Happy parents, blasé children

What it is:

Photo measuring 4 x 6 inches.  An album mount is still stuck in one corner.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


This is a funny sort of arrangement, with the father seated off to the side, and his posture suggests he is not entirely at ease on that chair or stool or whatever it is.  But the parents’ expressions say to me that they are happy people who can barely contain their enjoyment of this moment, and I find that delightful.  As for the kids, they may not be displaying much enthusiasm right here, but I doubt the parents would be radiating such pleasure if the kids were deeply miserable children.

8 comments on “Happy parents, blasé children”

  1. Or maybe the girls are…ghosts!

  2. I think the father has a medical condition. Look at his hands. They’re extraordinarily swollen. Other than that. I’m diggin’ the high waisted pants he’s wearing.

  3. I didn’t notice the high waist on the pants until JF pointed it out–but it seems so bizarre; I wonder if the bottom line of his waistcoat is just hidden. The way his trousers are cuffed also seems odd. In fact, I think cuffed trousers would have been really unusual then (although that’s the kind of thing that starts debates), and his are so uneven I wonder if he rolled them up to tie the top of his bootlace or something, and then forgot to put them back down.

    • Indeed, I assumed it was a waistcoat (didn’t really assume anything, actually, since at first glance it didn’t seem out of place), but now that John pointed it out, I don’t see a bottom hem. Maybe it’s just folded in a way that we can’t see. And I wouldn’t dream of wading into a debate about cuffs, but you’re right that they look uneven.

  4. Mama looks very proud of the dresses I presume she made. Looks from their faces as though they’ve been planning this sitting a long time.

    • I have a number of other photos of kids in outfits like that, boys and girls, these white jumpers with big belts. I’ll have to post some more.

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