Man from Stockholm, Sweden

What it is:

Carte de visite (CDV) measuring 2.5 x just under 4.25 inches.

What I know about it:

Photographer is Asta Krook of Stockholm, Sweden.  Otherwise undated and unidentified.


After a couple days of snapshots, I figured it was time for an older photo.  This guy was sitting on top of a stack, and he looked like a pleasant enough fellow to introduce to the world, so I grabbed him.  I was never quite able to read the photographer’s name until I enlarged it, so I was curious to see what it might reveal.  I suspected it might be European, since it is rather sturdy, and my completely unscientific survey of my photos seems to show that the CDVs from Europe are on a thicker, sturdier card stock, almost like the quality of a cabinet card, than the American ones.  (Or perhaps it could be said that Europeans created cabinet cards that were the size of CDVs?  Does anyone have knowledge of this?)  Sure enough, the enlarged scan revealed the name to be Asta Krook, whom a quick internet search revealed to be a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden.  Plenty of Krook’s photos can be seen online, including this one, which has a better view of the same chair.

2 comments on “Man from Stockholm, Sweden”

  1. Some of these vintage photographers might have more fame via the internet than they did during their actual business days!

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