Military pals

What it is:

Two photos, each measuring approx. 2.5 x 4.5 inches.  Black photo album paper and the remnants of other photos are still glued to the backs.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


So much glue was used to mount these in a photo album that they are a little warped.  They are also rather poorly trimmed.  But I like them.  Even though the photo on the left is a little out of focus, I opted to share it since I think these photos go well together.  I think I have other snapshots of at least one of these guys, the guy on the right.  I’m pretty sure they are just friends, not a couple.  Regardless, they are engaged in what they call “affectionate poses”, which are always nice to see in old photos.

6 comments on “Military pals”

  1. Probably did or will serve together? love the affectionate poses.

  2. I’m fascinated by Specs’ short tie. Incidentally, the US army recently changed their uniforms–instead of being the familiar dull green that these were, as of 2008 they are blue and white.

    • Interesting about the update. I think our guys here might be Air Force, but I’m not certain without a bit of research. Re: the short tie, I wonder what the other guy’s tie looks like, but his jacket is buttoned in both pics.

  3. I bet it’s the same. I still think these are Army, but I’ll ask my Air Force uncle. In the meantime, I may have found a closeup shot of their same uniform in this page of beautiful portraits – note the similar hat badge in the one at the top:

    • Those are beautiful portraits, thanks for the link. I’m not insisting that these are Air Force, they could easily be something else. I just happen to have an Air Force uniform from a play I did a while back, and they struck me as similar enough that I didn’t bother to compare to anything else. I stopped before doing a thorough job on my homework! 🙂

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