Strong-jawed couple from La Crosse

What it is:

Photo (4 x 6 inches) inserted into a folding cardboard frame/folder.

What I know about it:

Photographer is Olin of La Crosse.  Otherwise undated and unidentified.


This is another one of the ones my mother gave me.  I like the way these two seem so nicely matched.  I found at least one other image online by this photographer, but no firm conclusion as to which La Crosse this is.  I am operating under the assumption that this is La Crosse, Wisconsin, but I also found smaller towns called La Crosse in Virginia, Washington (population 350), and Kansas (“Barbed Wire Capital of the World”).

7 comments on “Strong-jawed couple from La Crosse”

  1. Strong jawed and also crisp and clean. After some consideration, I think they are an attractive couple.

    • They grow on you, don’t they?

      • Matt, I was a self employed owner of a custom black and white lab for many years. My specialty was copying old photos and I made them all by hand, one at a time. Perhaps a million photos over 15 years. I loved each one, and did magnificent work. You might guess that I saw some amazing, historical, and personal photos.

      • Mike, that sounds fantastic! What a wonderful experience. I’m sure your work reflected the love and care you felt for those images.

  2. This couple seemed so solid and stable to me. I think she is very pretty.

    • I agree. I hope I didn’t give the impression that I thought they were unattractive. Unconventionally attractive, perhaps, but still quite lovely.

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