Young man with curly hair

By: usermattw

Apr 16 2012

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Category: Men


What it is:

Cabinet card measuring a bit more than 4.25 x 6.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Photographer was apparently somebody named Herrick, though there’s no location.  Undated and unidentified.


With his long face and unruly hair, he’s almost got a Lyle Lovett thing going on here.  Poor guy, my hair isn’t that bad, but I can relate to the struggles of trying to tame thick, curly hair, wishing I had something easier to deal with, while people with the thinner, straighter hair I coveted kept telling me how lucky I was supposed to feel.  We always want what we don’t have, I guess.

12 comments on “Young man with curly hair”

  1. There are actually a pair of mating finches living in that hair.

  2. Embrace your kinks, Matt. I bet there is a woman or two in your life who have relished them!

  3. This woman in his life (OK, mother) would trade her fine, thin hair for Matt’s “unruly” locks any day.

  4. As if 16 weren’t awkward enough, he (the photographed not the blogger) had to come of age when hair parts were mandatory. Poor guy. I love that hair.

    • Yes indeed. Whether it’s hair, body shape, whatever, it’s always both charming and painful to watch people try to conform to fashion that runs contrary to what nature gave them.

  5. One of the great rules of life: everyone on earth hates their hair.

  6. I never realized our esteemed host even had curly hair, since the only times I’ve ever seen it it’s been cropped into submission!

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