Bundle of joy?

By: usermattw

Apr 18 2012

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Category: Men


What it is:

Photo measuring 3.25 x 5.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Undated and unidentified.  There is a penciled list of twelve names (mostly last names) on the back, most crossed out, two with small money amounts (35 and 42 cents) listed next to them.  This may relate to the photo somehow, or the photo may have just been the handiest piece of paper for making a list, I don’t know.


I want to assume this photo shows a man proudly displaying an infant (his?), but I keep thinking it looks more like he was caught in the act of taking it to bury it.

10 comments on “Bundle of joy?”

  1. My immediate assumption was that the parents sent copies of the photo to all their friends, the last names listed on the back, then kept track of the cash or gifts they received in response. Looks like their friends were as delighted with the birth as they were.

    • Yes, I was thinking along those lines, too (I just didn’t know for sure, and I hate to speculate too much in the “what I know” section, since I don’t really know.) A distribution list for the photo makes sense. I have a group photo somewhere with a list of names on the back and the word “paid” next to some of them, making me assume the people in the photo are members of some group. Of course, somewhere I have a photo that has a grocery shopping list written on the back, so I have to be careful about making too many assumptions about what it written on a photo. 🙂

    • Hi Matt, You and Mr Sagan are soooooo wrong! It is obviously a hit list and those names that have been crossed out are the dead-uns. The amounts of $$ are what was found in their pockets. He is definitely disposing of a body, or part of one. Cheery, cheery!
      PS I have just started to watch a DVD of Cosmos. Do you know it? Carl Sagan is the writer and presenter. Any relation, Paul?

  2. Yeah, what Katherine said.

  3. LOL, that’s hilarious, you guys! A hit list, that’s perfect! Clearly 5am is the best time to write blog comments. 🙂

  4. I like to claim “Uncle Carl” as a relation on the theory that all Sagans must be related somehow. But he’s from New York and my Sagans settled in Boston, so he’s not a close relative, unfortunately.

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