Girl from Middletown, Connecticut

Click here to see it larger.

What it is:

Cabinet card measuring 4.25 x 6.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Photographer is Hennigar Brothers of Middletown, Connecticut.  Otherwise undated and unidentified.


I know it’s completely inappropriate, but every time I try to think of how to describe this image, words like “languid” and “sultry” pop into my head.  She looks like she’s going to grow up to be one of the great sirens of the silver screen.  In fact, she looks like she’s well on her way.  (Incidentally, I believe George W. Hennigar was one of the Hennigar Brothers and operated a studio on his own in Middletown.  Doing a Google Image search on “Hennigar Middletown” reveals this, as well as at least three more portraits utilizing the same chair.)

10 comments on “Girl from Middletown, Connecticut”

  1. It’s interesting–I see what you mean, but I get a different interpretation: she looks to me like she grew up to be an intense writer/poet, or perhaps a social reformer.

    • Yes, I was envisioning her turning into a Kay Francis, but you’re right, she has the moody intensity that could easily lead to her being a Daphne Du Maurier.

  2. She just looks grumpy to me!

  3. That is some long hair for a two year old. She’s probably mad they made her brush it just before the photo.

  4. I go with the grumpy theory. There are several pictures of me at that age where I look grumpy and remember being so – I was simply tired of posing for pictures and no longer watned to be there.

    • Oh, I do too. I assume she’s just being pouty. I don’t think she’s actually a preschool vamp, I just think it’s remarkable how much it looks that way, however inadvertently.

  5. I wonder who she is. My great-grandfather was one the the Hennigar brothers. they had studios in New Rochelle, NY and Philadelphia, PA. she looks like she could be a relative.

    • Hi, thanks for the message! It’s always fun to find someone with a personal connection to one of the photos. I’m sure your family has quite a few wonderful portraits. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the girl in this photo is.

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