Rustic (Lake Dunmore)

Click here to see it larger.

What it is:

Photo measuring 4.5 x 2.75 inches.

What I know about it:

Written on the back in pencil is Camp Killkare at Lake Dunmore July 1936.


After a bunch of studio shots I felt it was time to move it outdoors.  Plus, it’s a nice shot for this late summer weekend.  By the way, I couldn’t find a Camp Killkare, but there’s a Lake Dunmore in Vermont.

8 comments on “Rustic (Lake Dunmore)”

  1. My post didn’t show up, trying again and hoping I am not double posting. 😉

    This is a beautiful picture…seems to beckon the viewer to join them.

    Well, the historian in me had to look up camp Kill Kare. The link is below. It mentions it had been a boys camp. I found another article from 1935 which showed it was also a sports camp for boy’s, not unlike the two week summer camps of today.

    • Karen, guess what, I found your comments in my spam folder! (That’s why I always check each one individually, rather than deleting them en masse.) I un-spammed them both, and deleted one since they were essentially duplicates. I’m sorry the system did that. I think it does that sometimes when the comment includes a link, though usually it just makes me approve it first. In any case, here’s the link you provided, and thank you! I obviously need to improve my online search skills, but I’m glad you were curious, too. 🙂

      • Hi, just got this. I still new to WordPress and haven’t figured out all the little places that information is stores. Glad we got the posting issue all sorted out.

        I was just going through some photos of my grandmother’s family from 1814 and I saw two pictures that have come up recently in your blog. The boy in a dress. In fact, when I first saw it, I hadn’t thought it was a boy but now recognize that it was my grandmother’s younger brother. The second was a picture of the kids getting ready for Sunday school and my grandmother had one of those big white bows in her hair.

      • Thanks for the comment! I know a big system like WordPress can feel a little complex and overwhelming at first. I hope nobody feels obligated to respond to every one of my posts, but I’m glad you enjoy them enough to want to follow them.

        Isn’t it wonderful that when you look at enough old photos, things that look strange and different on their own start to fit into the context of larger patterns and styles? I’m so glad that some of the images and reader discussions in my blog have helped you make sense of your own family photos. They’ve helped me a lot, too.

  2. Are you having trouble accepting comments?

  3. Oh, is working today!

    What a lovely picture, so peaceful and relaxing.

    The historian in me had to look up Camp Kill Kare (sounds dreadful). it was a boys camp since early to mid 1800s. With a name like Kill Kare it wasn’t hard to conjure up “troubled” youth but another article I found (written in 1935) mentions a sports camp at Camp Kill Kare which sounds very much like our two week summer camps of today.

    Reflecting on the picture above, it seems too quiet to have anything to do with a boys camp…perhaps they had mixed use even back then? Could it be the moment of peace after they have all gone home? Both subjects have very relaxed shoulders

    • Oh, cool, thanks for finding that. You’re right, that’s a rather unfortunate name for a camp! This may be staff quarters, away from the maddening throngs of boys. Also, it appears the sign on the right side of the building says “For Sale”, which might help explain why things are so peaceful.

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