Estonian woman

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What it is:

Carte de visite (or CDV-sized cabinet card) measuring 2.5 x 4.25 inches.

What I know about it:

Photographer is G. Oskar & Company of Reval (now Tallinn), Estonia.  Otherwise undated and unidentified.


WordPress, for those who don’t know, provides me with a daily list of all the countries from which people have clicked on my blog.  It’s imperfect and incomplete, but it’s fun nonetheless.  After well over a year of daily blogging, I have a rather comprehensive list of the countries of the world (though my blog seems to hold no appeal to central Africa; perhaps I should work on that).  And WordPress has its own unique way of determining what it calls a country.  I suspected, for example, that I wouldn’t be getting hits from China, where people are cut off from the world wide web.  So I was delighted to see that WordPress treated Hong Kong as a “country” and reported a visitor!  Well, the other day, WordPress reported a visitor from the Aland Islands (that “A” should have a dot over it, like å, but my keyboard won’t let me make it a capital letter).  This is apparently an archipelago (group of islands) in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, which, though ethnically mainly Swedish, is technically an autonomous region of Finland.  I had never even heard of this place, and was pleased to have my world expanded just a little bit more.  I don’t have photos from there, but I was inspired to find a photo from a place I’d never heard of.  I had never heard of Reval, so I pulled this photo out to research it.  Well, Reval turns out to be the pre-1918 name of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.  I was slightly disappointed, since I’ve heard of that place.  Heck, I even had an Estonian pen pal briefly.  But I still learned something in learning about the name change, as well as a bit about its history, so characteristically chaotic for the region, an example of which can be seen in the babel of languages printed on the back.  (Incidentally, this is another photo that came in a larger group as an online purchase, so the two prices written on the back, including one written in the European fashion, don’t apply to my purchase.)

2 comments on “Estonian woman”

  1. All of my vintage photos have been from the US and it has been a pleasure to view your collection as it has given me a much broader picture of how much the subject of photography had influenced the world. This young lady is beautiful, not quite sure about her hair style but she has very nice features, otherwise.

    • I agree it’s very interesting to compare and contrast US photos with photos from other places, particularly photos from back before mass communication tended to result in a blending of styles and cultures worldwide.

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