Woman and two children, 1921

Click here to view it larger.

What it is:

Real photo post card measuring slightly less than 3.5 x 5.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Written on the back in pencil are June 1921 and Mrs. Will Valen.  [The name is written in the address area.  I don’t know if it’s the name of the intended recipient, or if it identifies somebody in the photo.]  The paper manufacturer’s markings [AZO, two triangles pointing up, two pointing down] narrow the date range to 1918-1930, which backs up the handwritten date.


Every time I look at this photo, my eyes are drawn immediately to the charming woman and the adorable children.  (Her children, shall we assume?  A boy and a girl?)  So it was a while before I even noticed the rather outlandish chair.

8 comments on “Woman and two children, 1921”

  1. Very nice photo . They all seems relaxed , and little girl with her nice dress is even looking as she will burst into laugh any moment…..

  2. Precious! You have such great pics in your collection. Thank you as always for sharing.

  3. She didn’t have children – she cloned herself 😉

  4. Love the expression on the boy’s face!

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