Pals on the beach

By: usermattw

Jun 20 2013

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Click here to view it larger.

What it is:

Three photos, each measuring approx. 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


The first two are obviously related, but I haven’t quite made up my mind about the third.  It looks like it could be the same beach, and it seems to be approximately the same time period.  Also, her top seems to match the top worn by the woman in the back left of the first two photos.  But it’s hard to be sure, and it doesn’t look to me like the same woman, though I’m not sure about that either.  Perhaps two different women resorted to sharing the same top because it was chillier than expected?  Would chilliness explain the jacket wrapped around the man’s legs?  Whatever the situation, they look like they’re having fun.

2 comments on “Pals on the beach”

  1. Since they are all wearing long sleeves except the girls in the middle (both pictures) I think it’s chilly. I think they also took turns taking the pictures because they have different colored suits and they part their hair on opposite sides. The girl on the far right has a much narrower face than the ones on the left. I think it is a completely different person and her pants are quite a different style than those worn by anyone in the first two pictures.

    • We’ve had similar thoughts. Though regarding the temperature, the men in the background seem to feel it’s warm. But maybe they’re hardier. Or maybe the people down front just got out of the water.

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