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Jul 26 2015

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Click here to view it larger.


What it is:

Snapshot measuring 3.25 x 2.75 inches.


What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.



I just finished watching Finding Vivian Maier, an engrossing documentary about the discovery of a very prolific and talented, if eccentric, street photographer whose work was previously unknown because she kept it stashed away.  When she died in 2009, a box of her negatives was sold at auction to a stranger, who tracked down the rest, and decided to share them with the world.  The detective work that went into learning about her life was fascinating, and the photos are wonderful.  It reminded me, on a much different scale, of the efforts of my fellow bloggers and me, sharing fascinating vintage images that have come into our hands in various ways.  It inspired me to find an example of street photography and share it.  Not that the secondhand photos in my humble collection are anything close to the quality of Miss Maier’s, but here is one for you to ponder and enjoy.

2 comments on “Pedestrians”

  1. The work of itinerant photographers is fascinating. This is a good example.

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