Boy with long, curly hair

By: usermattw

Mar 18 2018

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Click here to view it larger.

What it is:

Real photo post card measuring slightly more than 3.25 x 5.25 inches.


What I know about it:

Paper manufacturer’s markings (AZO, squares in corners) narrow the date range (somewhat) to 1926-1940s.  Otherwise no information.



A used bookstore near me added a bin of vintage photos for sale, and I couldn’t resist getting a couple that caught my eye.   I don’t recall seeing hair like this on a boy of that vintage, and I wonder, more than I do with most photos of children, what this boy grew up to look like.  There’s an almost adult-like quality to his face already, handsome and determined.  And with that glorious mane of hair, he looks like he’s ready to set out and achieve.  Right after he enjoys whatever beverage might be in that demitasse, of course.

10 comments on “Boy with long, curly hair”

  1. He certainly looks like he’s ready to do something – possibly not quite ready for a photoshoot! What a determined expression on his face. And, as you say, unusual hair for this sort of time period.

  2. How are you certain it’s a boy?

  3. This young man, his clothes, the pose – all quite handsome. Then there is that “bad hair day” mop of hair that I find distracting from the overall effect. As late as the early 50s parents (mothers?) would allow their sons’ hair to grow until they were almost ready for school before the first haircut. There is a formal picture of my cousin, Peter, taken before his first haircut. He has the most gorgeous, long,gently curling, white-blond hair that falls below his shoulders – hair most women would kill for. I will need to find it for you.

    • I actually think the hair suits him, though I’m sure everybody involved was exasperated by it. That’s why I want to know how he aged, so see what he did with his hair, among other things.

  4. Hi!
    Happy belated birthday!Which bookstore are you referring to?


    • Hi Momoko, thanks! I was referring to Russian Hill Bookstore on Polk Street. They recently moved to a larger space a block away, and the vintage photos seem to be a relatively new addition.

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