Young man in a derby hat

By: usermattw

May 25 2019

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Click here to view it larger.

What it is:

Photo mounted into a cardboard frame, the total measuring approx. 2 x 3 inches.


What I know about it:

No information.



I continue to be surprised by how small many of the photos in my collection are.  Not that small photos are so strange, but I think of tiny photos as designed to fit into a locket or wallet, rather than to be mounted in a separate frame like this one.  I feel there’s something sweet and intimate in a tiny framed photo like this.  I also wonder about the origin of this photo.  It appears to be a candid photo, rather than a studio portrait, and without tearing the whole thing apart, I can’t tell whether this was meant to be the finished product, or if his face was trimmed out of a larger composition.  I’ll admit, part of the charm of this photo is the polka dot tie, combined with the flat-brimmed derby hat, which I can’t help associating with Stan Laurel.


2 comments on “Young man in a derby hat”

  1. I like the penny comparison! He looks like he’s ready to play Cornelius in “The Matchmaker.”

    • Thanks. My mom often does a penny comparison on her nature blog when she shows details of things like tiny flowers. I find it useful, so I figured I’d try it here, too. And I love your idea of Cornelius. Yes, I think that’s exactly right. 🙂

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