Little William

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What it is:

Photo measuring 4 x 5.5 inches, mounted to a cardboard frame/backing measuring 6 x 9 inches. (I’ve cropped the backing from the scan.)

What I know about it:

Photographer is Jacob Fowzer of San Francisco. The little boy is identified on the back as William K. T. Mowatt, age 2, in 1911. (With the handwriting, I’m not certain about the second initial. And there’s a water stain that makes the date hard to read. Here is a picture of it if you want to suggest something else.)


This is from the same box of photos as the last one, but I’m not sure if there’s any connection. The name Mowatt does, however, appear a number of times in the box, as do pictures from San Francisco. I still need to try to sort out the relationships, if possible. Incidentally, if the internet is correct, this photographer was also a painter. Meanwhile, little William here looks like he’s ready for whatever life sends his way.

8 comments on “Little William”

  1. It fits to William J. MOWATT
    ( )
    He was born 12. Jan 1909 Mt Pleasant, Westchester, New York, and died 26. Jan 2001 Ossining, Westchester, New York.
    Mr. Rex Wayne SHUMWAY, who published William’s data, will probably be pleased to receive a copy.
    Best wishes,
    Günther Böhm

  2. …but it also might fit to
    MOWATT, WILLIAM K. was born 31 July 1908, received Social Security number 557-07-5756 (indicating California) and, Death Master File says, died 20 May 1993
    Source: Death Master File (public domain). Check for WILLIAM K MOWATT. ($)

  3. He’s a little cavalier. Great hat, great pose.

  4. Gunther got it right the second time. William Kenneth Mowatt 1908 – 1993. William’s parents were David (b: 2/18/1874 d: 12/30/62) and Janett (b: 1885 d: 11/30/69). They were born in Orkney Islands, Scotland, and England respectively. William was an only child.

    He married Helen Mae Machado (b: 7/20/09 d: 5/28/94) on June 17, 1934. They had one son, William David Mowatt (b: 2/26/36 d: 1/9/20). You can find W.D.’s obit online. He resided in Santa Cruz CA.

    Both William K and Helen Mae passed away in Carmel CA.

    William K worked for Met Life, and resided mostly in Stockton CA in his adulthood. Born in SF, and then lived in Oakland CA prior to that.

    I culled other details from my account. I’ll not add them.

    If you have the time and energy, you can send the photo(s) to William’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Names of those can be found in William David’s obit.

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