Tintype of a young woman with curly hair

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My last post was a tintype of a young man, so here’s a tintype of a young woman. It’s pretty battered, but I wanted to share it because I like her bold, strong look. Although this is a generalization, I’m not used to seeing women of that time with hair that untamed. It’s a beautiful style that looks almost contemporary to my eyes. This one is inserted into a paper sleeve/frame (about 2.5 x 3.75 inches total). Although the frame doesn’t hide much, here it is removed from the frame.

It looks like somebody gave a little pink to her cheeks, though it’s pretty faded. It also looks like there’s some pink on the armrest. I’m not sure if it’s the remains of somebody’s attempt to color it, or if it’s an accident. In any case, despite all the damage, she shines through.

One comment on “Tintype of a young woman with curly hair”

  1. Yes, her hair is very becoming. The styles and fashions of young women in the late 1860s and early 1870s are really fun. I think this probably dates to the early 1870s.

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