Another SUHS class photo

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After posting a picture from Sequoia Union High School in Redwood City, CA (see it here), I checked the collection of photos it came from to see if there were others. Sure enough, I found this one (a 6.25 x 3.75-inch photo on a 9×7 cardboard frame/backing). Unlike the last one, there is no identification, not the photographer, the subjects, the location, or the date. But it appears to be the same set of front steps, and I’m recognizing some of the same faces. So I’ll hazard a guess that this is also a class photo from Sequoia Union High School. But they are dressed differently, and in a different configuration. I’m noticing different teachers. (The teacher seated farthest left is seated front and center in the other one, but the bald teacher behind him is not in the other one at all.) Is this the same year? The same photographer? One clue is the “Election Notice” sign in the upper right corner, which doesn’t exist in the other one, suggesting it’s at least a different day. They certainly convey a more portrait-ready demeanor in this one than in the other one, but I couldn’t be sure how that ended up happening. In any case, it’s yet another opportunity to have fun staring at a bunch of interesting faces.

2 comments on “Another SUHS class photo”

  1. They’re all so well dressed. I wonder if this was taken at graduation.

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