Man with sequined outfit and medal

By: usermattw

May 07 2023

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When I bought this little CDV, I took it to be a fun portrait of a handsome young acrobat, or similar type of performer. Then I enlarged it and saw that he’s wearing what looks like a military medal, and I was confused. The photo has no information beyond what we can see in the image, and I can’t quite get a clear enough view of the medal to know what to search for, but I haven’t been able to find a match online. Maybe it isn’t a military medal? Maybe it’s, I don’t know, some circus-world award for excellence that I’ve never heard of? It seems unlikely that he would wear that medal while performing. Does the medal relate to the outfit? Am I completely off-track in assuming he’s a circus performer? Or is he wearing both the outfit and the medal to proudly display two different aspects of who he is, such as an acrobat who also happens to be a military hero? Any thoughts or suggestions on this are welcome. In any case, one thing I love about this photo is the way he looks like he’s smiling, even though he’s not.

7 comments on “Man with sequined outfit and medal”

  1. Intriguing puzzle. I started searching for medals with hovering eagles and haven’t found one like this, but I did find a Masonic one with some similarities, which makes me wonder if it could be a medal for some kind of brotherhood or club, in addition to the possibilities you mentioned.

    • Thanks for doing your own search! Intriguing idea about it being a fraternal organization insignia. I mean, for all I know, this could be the ceremonial outfit of the king’s honor guard of some vintage empire somewhere, and the medal is actually related to the outfit after all. Or maybe the medal isn’t even legit, but is just a part of his stage persona. Definitely an interesting mystery so far.

  2. He certainly looks fit and strong, like a circus performer. He reminds me of Stan Wawrinka. Sorry, no help at all!

  3. In addition to the outfit and medal, I find the hairstyle to be interesting.

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