Hat hair

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I thought this guy had a somewhat peculiar hairstyle. And then I noticed the hat.

By the way, here is the photographer’s stamp on the back of this CDV (click the image to enlarge).

Searching for information about this photographer, I not only learned that his name is Luigi, but that this is not the Boston in Massachusetts, but the smaller town in England that the American Boston was named after. Yes, according to this page here, Luigi was originally from Italy.

Also, this date is written on the back:

I think this is August 27, 1862, though I wondered if it was actually August 24. According to the information online (and assuming the date is correct), the photographer had only started offering Carte de Visite photos like this a year earlier. It’s funny to look back at something so old and realize it was a relatively new thing in its day.

5 comments on “Hat hair”

  1. What a fantastic portrait! He’s a sharp dresser, his pose is natural yet dignified, and he’s even smiling! This is truly one of the most appealing male portraits I’ve seen on an early carte-de-visite.

    Luigi moved around a lot. I wonder if that was because he was seeking new clientele, the way a traveling photographer would?

  2. This shot is a great illustration of the baggy fit of men’s clothes in those days. It surprises me every time; I’m so used to more modern tailoring.

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