Dapper man, effete pose

What it is:

Photo (3 x 5.5 inches) mounted on a cardboard backing/frame (5 x 8.5 inches).


What I know about it:

Photographer is Loomis of Jefferson, Ohio.  Otherwise undated and unidentified.



Handsome young man with a dramatic expression on his face.  Great shoes.  Wonderful old chair.  My initial reaction is that it’s an elegant portrait, but the longer I look at it, the more I think “What an awkward pose!”.

4 comments on “Dapper man, effete pose”

  1. I love the spats. I agree with you about the uncomfortable pose, but it’s nothing compared to how women in popular media pose (while wearing ugly clothes and terrible shoes)! At least this guy is wearing comfortable and great-looking clothes! : )

  2. ‘cept for that stiff collar! ; )

  3. I want his boots! Stunning!

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