Blondie with the boys in the bar

What it is:

Four snapshots (5 x 4 inches each).

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


I have eight snapshots of this scene in some bar.  Six of them (including the four shown here) depict a blonde gal whooping it up with a bunch of guys.   Except for an older woman tending bar (in a photo not shown here), she is the only woman.  The layout is such that if you are standing behind the bar serving drinks, looking straight ahead, you’ll see the booths with formica tables.  If you look to your right you’ll see the wall with the palm trees.  And if you look to your left you’ll see the jukebox.  I love the faux-tropical decor, though the desert cactus picture behind the dancing lady is a bit incongruous.  (The sign below the cactus picture is for Pabst Blue Ribbon.)   I don’t know the story here.  Is this a party, or did someone whip out a camera on a regular night?  The table behind the dancing lady has plates of food as well as paper that might be used wrapping paper, and a table not shown here has an item wrapped in foil.  In the fourth picture, what is the man on the left handing off?  Whatever the situation, it seems like everybody is having a grand ol’ time.

5 comments on “Blondie with the boys in the bar”

  1. What a great series of shots. I’m so curious about the story here.

  2. I love them! I wonder if this was a gay bar, as the lady looks so comfortable and at perfect ease with the gentlemen.

    • That crossed my mind. To me it looks more like, perhaps, a birthday or going-away party at a bar next to a factory or something, where the factory workers would normally gather after work, and the blonde is comfortable with them because maybe she works there and knows them well, or, well, she’s just a gal who’s very comfortable around men (not to mention she may be a little inebriated). So many possibilities!

  3. Yes, so many possibilities! The thought of the lady possibly being the owner of the bar also crossed my mind.

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