Annie and Henry Mombach

What it is:

Two photos (about 2.5 x 3.75 inches each) mounted on slightly larger cardstock.

What I know about it:

On the back of the left one is written Annie Mombach / 1902.  On the back of the right one, in the same handwriting with the same black ink, is written Henry Mombach / 1904.


It’s funny how some of my photos just look old to me, while others have a sharpness and clarity that make them look newer, whether they are or not. Here, for instance, are two pictures, both apparently over a century old.  But if it weren’t for the writing on the back, I probably wouldn’t have made a connection.  To me, the one on the left simply looks old (and not just because of the damage).  It looks like Annie Mombach really sat for this photo in 1902.  By comparison, the one on the right could have been taken yesterday, with a man dressed in old-timey clothes and a digital camera set on “sepia”.   By the way, I don’t know how these people were connected.  Husband and wife?  Brother and sister?  Distant cousins whose photos were gathered by some relative who wrote their names on the backs?  Your guess is as good as mine.

2 comments on “Annie and Henry Mombach”

  1. Mother and son? I also think, in addition to the clarity, that the billboard in the background of Henry’s photo gives it a more modern feel.

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