Frederick and Sarah Enderlin

What it is:

Two cabinet cards, 4.25 x 6.5 inches each.

What I know about it:

Undated.  The photographer’s embossed logos on each card are different, but they are the same photographer:  S. S. Cornell of Stamford, New York.   Both have faint penciled handwriting on the back in a difficult-to-read hand.  The photo on the left says Frederick Enderlin.  The photo on the right reads Sarah Enderlin and in a different area reads These photos of uncle Frederick + aunt Sarah are to go to Fred or Roy when [illegible] with them.


I’m guessing these are husband and wife, but they could just as easily be a maiden aunt forced by the societal norms of the day to live with her brother.  I don’t know why the photographer’s logo is different on each.  Were they taken at different times?  Was the photographer using up old odds and ends of stock?  Did each sitter pick his/her favorite?  Is one considered more masculine and the other more feminine, and therefore appropriate to each photo?   (The last option strikes me as the least likely, but who knows.)

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