Little Annie from Chicago

What it is:

Cabinet card measuring 4.25 x 6.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Photographer is Stafford of Chicago.  Written on the back is 5-16-91 / 4 years / Annie


Someone just told me that her favorite pictures of mine are the ones with cute kids, and the ones with beautiful dresses.  Hopefully this photo covers both categories in one!  Assuming the notes on the back are accurate, I don’t know whether the date is the date of the photo (it seems unusually specific), or possibly the girl’s birthday (written by somebody later documenting family history).  It may well be both, if this photo commemorates Annie’s fourth birthday.  So I guess that means this photo is either from 1891 or 1895.  Regardless, it’s adorable.

6 comments on “Little Annie from Chicago”

  1. Plus the bonus of a most interesting bonnet. Thank you!

  2. Sorry not a fan of dresses but the lighting is great in this one 🙂

    • LOL, that’s fine, I don’t expect everybody to like every aspect of every photo. I’m glad you found something to like about this one. 🙂

  3. Cute girl! She kind of reminds me of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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