Thanksgiving Day

What it is:

Snapshot measuring 3.5 x 2.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Written on the back is Thanksgiving Day 1939.  Otherwise unidentified.


To my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!  To the people from outside the U.S. who visit my blog, Happy Thursday!  I set the goal for myself of posting a photo that could be specifically identified as a Thanksgiving image, but while I have plenty of pictures of people engaged in celebratory feasts of one sort or another, this was the best I could find for Thanksgiving.  At first I was disappointed, having hoped for something a little grander.  But then I thought about this young family during the Great Depression, and wondered if perhaps this was one of the best celebrations they’d had in a while.  No doubt they have plenty to be thankful for, and I was reminded that an elaborate bacchanal isn’t required for the expression of gratitude.  So in that spirit, I am thankful to have found this photo, and pleased to present it to you.

6 comments on “Thanksgiving Day”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for all the great photos! I love this one: is that fruit cocktail? And Whistler’s mother on the wall!

    • Thanks, Paul! I’m glad you’re enjoying these photos, and I appreciate all your comments. Yep, that looks like fruit cocktail, and Whistler’s mother on the wall. 🙂 You sparked my curiosity about something, and I just did a little Googling. The original Whistler painting would have been 68 years old at the time of this photo. I wondered what would be an equivalent today. Andrew Wyeth? Jackson Pollack? Well guess what iconic image turns out to be 68 years old today … drum roll please … Norman Rockwell’s classic image of Thanksgiving dinner!

  2. What is the little boy holding in his left hand?

    • Funny, I assumed it was something sitting on the table, but now that you said it, I see it does look like something in his hand. The closer I look, the more I think he has a little spoon in his hand, and the white-and-black thing sticking up seems to be an item behind him, the view of which is partly obscured by the back of his chair. But I’m just not sure.

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