Woman in cropped jacket with seated man

What it is:

Photo measuring slightly less than 4 x 6 inches.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.  However, it is likely related to this picture because they were purchased at the same time from the same seller, they are the same size and sepia color (I corrected the color quality of my scanner between these two posts, but they look the same in person), they appear to show the same backdrop and chair, and they have the same mounting traces (similar smears of glue attached to remnants of matching brown paper) on the backs.  So either these people are somehow connected, or if not, then perhaps these photos were taken from a portfolio of the photographer’s work.


Sometimes I don’t know what to title these posts, since I think they’re supposed to be (or at least ought to be) different.  So here’s another couple, man seated, woman standing, white folks, etc., etc., hardly unique descriptors in my blog, even though it looks and feels (to me) different from everything else I’ve posted so far when I actually look at it.  One thing that did strike me as unusual is her outfit, hence the title.  What would you even call that, a sort of modified bolero style?  And the sort of cummerbund thing under it is interesting.  I do find it attractive, though I wouldn’t say otherwise, since she looks like she’s spoiling for a fight.

2 comments on “Woman in cropped jacket with seated man”

  1. Are they not the same couple in youth and middle age?

    • Hi Laurie, good point. I was really getting the impression that these photos are from the same time period, not years apart, but I agree that these people could easily be related. The women in particular look like they could be mother and daughter, the more I look at their features. I have one or two more pictures from the same source with what I gather are different people, I’ll have to post them, too. Perhaps these are all from the same family album?

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