Elegant, seated couple

By: usermattw

Oct 01 2011

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Category: Pairs

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What it is:

Photo measuring 4 x 6 inches.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.  (I did, however, find two similar photos of other couples, same size and image quality, with the same sort of mounting traces on the back [small spots of glue stuck to a chocolate brown paper], so they may somehow be related, or at least from the same source.  I’ll post those some other time.)


Some of the people in my photos look like they are afraid that the camera will steal their souls.  But others, like this couple, look like they are perfectly at ease getting dressed and posing for a photographer.  Though it’s clearly a studio photo, it seems simple and stately, not fussy, and her flowers are a nice, quiet touch.  This is a variation on the theme of the man enthroned and the woman ready to hop to his service, but at least she’s granted the opportunity to perch on the arm rest.  A handsome photo of a handsome couple.

One comment on “Elegant, seated couple”

  1. I also like the fact that the lady’s shoes, for once, look as handsome as the man’s shoes!

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