Newlyweds from La Crosse, Wisconsin

What it is:

Photo (approx. 5 x 7 inches) inserted into a folding cardboard frame/folder.

What I know about it:

Photographer is Motl of La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Otherwise undated and unidentified.


So yesterday happened to be my birthday.  And what did my wonderful mother (whose comments you may have read here, and whose own blog of non-vintage nature photography can be found here) give me?  A box of antique photos!  What a treat to look through them!  I was out all day, and didn’t have a chance to talk to her and ask  about them, where she got them, if there’s a story behind them, etc.  But meanwhile, here’s a nice example.  Enjoy!

13 comments on “Newlyweds from La Crosse, Wisconsin”

  1. How interesting that you chose this pictures from the photos I sent you to post first. It is one of my favorites from the group. I have no idea why, but the groom reminds me of my Uncle Mike – glasses, some subtle facial feature, posture and attitude?? I am certain other realtives would not agree with this impression. We all see different things in these windows to the past. Happy BD!

    • I didn’t know Mike well enough to say one way or the other, but it’s true that so many of these pictures can remind us of other people, and it’s hard to figure out why sometimes. I thought this might be one of the ones you especially liked. Thanks again!

  2. I’m guessing 1920s, both from the hairdos and clothes, and because I have a wedding photo of my grandparents that’s somewhat similar, down to the natty cardboard frame. It looks like these people might have a little more money than my grandparents did; I think just by the clothes that they had a fancier wedding. Lovely photo! They look like they’re from the professional class, but maybe I’m being fooled by the vaguely Palladian backdrop.

    • Most of the ones my mom sent have nice cardboard frames. A lot of the frames in my collection are more functional than pretty, and I often just crop them out of the scans, but some of these are quite nice, so I’ll be sure to include them.

  3. Well, they sure knew how to do joy right back in the day, eh. Whew they look ecstatic.

    Yay for a birthday, Matty! Happy Birthday Week! What a nice day for the planet each year to celebrate how delightful a creature you are *and* how thankful we are for your mama. Hi, Mama! We’re glad you made and raised Matt. He’s dearly cherished by people with really, really good taste. 😉

  4. Beautiful photo! I look forward to seeing the other photos from your birthday collection. What a wonderful gift! Happy Belated Birthday, Matt! You have the same birthday as my childhood friend.

  5. Thanks for your email help, Matt. Will give proper reply asap. I wish I had a Mama like yours! I tend to get pyjamas and soap for birthdays from my Ma!

  6. This is beautiful! Somehow, this couple reminds me a lot of my great grandparents. I love the crispness of the photo. Very nice! Happy belated birthday, and I’m glad you got something you love so much as a birthday present. 🙂

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