A woman, a man, a wheelbarrow, a mountaintop

What it is:

Photo measuring 2.75 x 4.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


A couple weeks ago I posted a photo of a man carrying a baby that everybody jokingly said looked like a hit man disposing of a body.  Well here’s another one.  It’s probably just the way the shadow is playing on her face, but her expression seems to indicate that this fellow isn’t much longer for the world, about to be pitched over the edge, wheelbarrow and all.  Perhaps she’ll wait until he has finished eating his banana?  Sorry, but I have to mention what appears to be a banana, because WordPress reports that “men eating bananas” is, bizarrely, one of the most common search terms that has brought people to my blog, making this photo one of the most frequently viewed on my site.  So I might as well do what I can to boost the popularity of today’s photo, too.  I mean, really, “men eating bananas”?  Is that being used euphemistically?  Do people these days really need to search for such images euphemistically on the internet?  And if not, if it’s meant literally, then why the great demand for such images?  Who knows?  Anyway, as for today’s photo, joking aside, what the heck are they doing up on that mountaintop with that wheelbarrow?

14 comments on “A woman, a man, a wheelbarrow, a mountaintop”

  1. That is very bizarre about the men eating bananas! I can only guess that easy access to the real thing has become boring, so people are re-discovering that what is implied and associational is much more intriguing! ; )

    • Could be, could be. Then again, it might be perfectly literal and innocent. Perhaps there’s some devoted archivist for the Chiquita Banana company out there scouring the internet as part of his job. Hard to say what’s going on in the minds of people on the internet (which, of course, is usually just as well).

  2. @MO: ha ha!
    I just noticed that the woman is also inside the wheelbarrow.

    • Yes, I got the impression she was sort of standing behind it, leaning with her right knee in it. I can’t quite tell what’s in her hand. More food, I’m guessing, but it’s hard to say.

  3. Hysterical! I must get one of my friends into a photobooth with a banana!

  4. SEO and metaphor keyword test: write a post about a man eating a sausage. See what happens to your stats over the next few months. Report back.

    (This was a hilarious post. She looks just mad enough to smack his head with that weird floppy sandwich. Maybe the goon squad holding down the previous entry for his forced photo could help her dispose of the body. And banana.)

  5. […] the words “man eating a banana” on a photo or two at the excellent vintage photo blog Pics of Then, I have undertaken an experiment that was suggested by Christine at Naptime Writing to see what […]

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