Honolulu, 1922

What it is:

Photo measuring a bit more than 4.25 x 2.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Written on the back in pencil is in Honolulu / at Adams house / 1922


Given the leis, I assume this couple is visiting Honolulu, and presumably visiting either a man named Adam or a family named Adams.  As a fan of vintage mystery stories, I recently read a couple of the Charlie Chan mysteries by Earl Derr Biggers.  The fictional Chan lived in exactly this time and place, in Honolulu in the 1920s, and the first one, The House Without a Key, kept talking with undisguised delight about all the stuffy rich white people who would travel from the Mainland and be completely seduced by the sensual splendors of the tropics.  Several of the characters were people who came for vacations and never left.  It was fiction, I know, but it tickles me to imagine something like that happening to our couple here.  Hawaii feels exotic to we Mainlanders even today (I’ve never been), so I can only imagine how wild and wicked it must have felt almost a century ago.  When this photo was taken, Hawaii was a U.S. Territory, decades away from being a state, and a trip there would have required an ocean voyage.

4 comments on “Honolulu, 1922”

  1. ” so I can only imagine how wild and wicked it must have felt almost a century ago” – they don’t look like the types who’d have realised it was wild and wicked but who knows what they might have gotten up to in the gazebo in the background!

  2. He’s bemused by her grouchy refusal to have fun. He seems quite fond of her and she seems p*ssed to be in Honolulu.
    I hope you’ll soon be publishing a compendium of short stories about some of these people…they’re just begging to be written up handsomely.

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