Boy on a wooden sidewalk

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What it is:

Photo measuring 3.5 x 5.25 inches, still attached to a photo album page.

What I know about it:

Written on the photo is Robert Henry.  Also, see comments below.


One of the boxes of random photos I bought included several pages torn from a photo album with most of the photos still attached.  Here’s one.  They are mostly labeled, and many make reference to the family of one Eddie Condon, but it isn’t clear who all them are or how they might be connected.  There’s this kid, for instance.  My guess is that Henry is his middle name, rather than his last name, but I can’t be sure.  In any case, I think the photo easily stands alone as a charming period image.

8 comments on “Boy on a wooden sidewalk”

  1. Robert Henry is absolutely adorable! Love the picture–

  2. Judging by the cuffs, I think the plan was that he’d wear these overalls for a few years!

  3. I love this image. Everything about it is charming and sweet. Such a cute kid.

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