Bert and Slim with others, standing in the snow

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What it is:

Four photos, each measuring slightly less than 2.75 x 4 inches.  (There are remnants of glue and black paper on the backs from their having been mounted into an album.  Some of the faint bluish, blotchy discoloration is the dye from the paper seeping through.)

What I know about it:

Undated and unidentified.  But the couple in the upper left photo and elsewhere are “Bert” and “Slim”, other photos of whom can be seen here.


As much as San Francisco has to recommend it, one of the things I miss about living elsewhere is the change of seasons.  I can’t remember the last time I saw snow, and if I didn’t look at my calendar it would be easy to forget that it’s winter.  So, with apologies to my readers in the Southern Hemisphere, I feel I need to post more wintry images.  Plus, it’s a handy excuse to revisit our pals Bert and Slim.  Slim is looking sharp in his uniform, and Bert is braving the elements without a coat.  I don’t know who the other two people are.  Relatives?  Friends?  In fact, I wouldn’t have connected the older man to this group except that, after sorting for the umpteenth time though the bag of random snapshots from which these came, I recognized the building he’s standing next to.  As always, Bert and Slim have smiles for the world, and that makes me smile, too.

11 comments on “Bert and Slim with others, standing in the snow”

  1. We are here but for a breath of time.

  2. Love seeing Bert and Slim. Love seeing Xmas-time snow. Despite the possibility that we might always have a hot Xmas day, in Australia we were brought up with Xmas images of bare trees, ice and other colder than cold imagery. I still think the 2 best Xmases I ever had were in freezing Scotland. Bring on the snowy pics!

  3. I kind of wish Bert & Slim could know how much random people of the future enjoy their pictures. They’re one of my photoblog favorites.

  4. I agree with harriedcostumer. Bert and Slim have become “friends” through their pictures. Hope you have lots more of Bert and Slim to share.

  5. I’m with the other posters, I really like Bert and Slim! There is something very appealing to them as a couple. Growing up in the Bay Area, I understand your comment about missing seasons. I always felt that I’d missed out somehow…and now that I’m in Florida I have even less seasonal change. I can count the times I went to the snow on one hand and I loved every one of them! Thanks for the memories!

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