Christmas cards

By: usermattw

Dec 25 2012

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Click here to view it larger.

What it is:

Three cards with pre-printed photos and greetings, each measuring 4.25 x 5.5 inches.

What I know about it:

The only photo identified with a surname is the upper right one, on the back of which is written De Anne Harbaugh, which I assume is the name of the girl.


To those who celebrate Christmas in one form or another, Merry Christmas!  To those who don’t, Happy Tuesday!

8 comments on “Christmas cards”

  1. Happy Christmas, dear!

  2. Great vintage messages Matt.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you

  3. Your grandfather made photo Christmas cards like these in his studio. One of his styles was exactly the same as the greeting in the upper left corner and the lower one looks familiar too. They must have been stock greetings studios could purchase. I also remember being assigned the duty of trimming what seemed like hundreds of cards with the deckle-edged cutting board to give the effect in the upper two cards.

    • Nowadays we would submit a jpeg image to a template online. It’s interesting to see the old versions. I’m sure you had fun assisting him. 🙂

  4. Why did it never occur to me that photo greeting cards are about as old as photographs are…

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