Ronnie and Danny visit Santa

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What it is:

Photo measuring 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Written in pen on the back is Ronnie & Danny with Santa / Dec. 24, 1953.  A photo developer’s stamp on the back says Printed Week of January 4, ’54.


This is another one of the photos my friend Jenn just gave me for Christmas.  It’s one of several from the Belt family, mostly depicting Ronnie (shown here on the left).  I would have assumed that Danny was Ronnie’s brother, but Danny is absent from all the other pictures, making me wonder if he isn’t instead something like a friend or cousin.  At this time of year the internet is awash with amusing “creepy Santa” photos such as these, suggesting that Santa masks were common among those depicting Santa, though that seems to be something that has fortunately fallen out of fashion.  Luckily, our Santa here has opted for the more realistic facial hair, making him less creepy, if only by degrees.  Let’s hope that Ronnie and Danny were good boys so that Santa brought them what they wanted.

6 comments on “Ronnie and Danny visit Santa”

  1. The littlest one has no idea what’s going on lol 🙂 Merry Christmas Matt! 🙂

  2. Creepiest tradition we have, I think, of forcing children onto a stranger’s lap to beg for gifts.
    I’m glad someone collected and posted the photos of children justifiably terrified by all the creepiness.
    Santa mask? *shudder*

    • Not just any stranger, but one the kids have been prepped to believe is omniscient and judgmental. I’ve never been one to be creeped out by Santa or clowns or anything like that, unlike others I know. But you’re right, those masks are awful.

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