Civil War era couple

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What it is:

Carte de visite (CDV) measuring 2.3 x 4 inches.

What I know about it:

Undated and unidentified.  The remnant of a 2-cent revenue stamp is on the back, narrowing the date range to 1864-66.  (It also means the photo originally cost up to 25 cents.)


This is another image from what I call my Wisconsin Album, for lack of a better name, other examples of which can be seen here.  It’s an antique photo album containing CDVs and tintypes, mostly from Wisconsin and Michigan, when a location is given at all.  They are all from around the same era, and I’m operating under the assumption that they are original to the album, though I can’t know for sure.  Although this one is a bit faded, there are traces of what was apparently tinting done to their cheeks, her lips, his beard, her brooch, and her belt buckle (of all things).  The color in the belt buckle drew my attention to the fact that she seems to be wearing a belt in the first place, which strikes me as unusual for that period.  But perhaps I just haven’t noticed.

6 comments on “Civil War era couple”

  1. Scarlet ! I like how they are posing . Must be that her dress was very important so she has to stay while he is seated….. Very interesting piece of History.

    • It seems that was a fairly common pose, with the man seated and the woman standing with her hand on his shoulder. It may have been designed to show any number of things, like his command and her subservience, but it certainly has the advantage of showing off her dress.

  2. Look at that cording trim on the woman’s skirt and bodice! Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful vintage, but the tinting of the belt buckle looks hideous, in my opinion.

    • I wondered if it had been a more attractive color that faded into that rust-orange color over time, or if there had been other colors around it that would have allowed the tinted buckle to make more visual sense, but that faded completely.

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