Woman in Spokane, Washington

By: usermattw

May 10 2013

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What it is:

Photo (3.5 x 4.75 inches) mounted to a cardboard frame/backing (7 x 9 inches; I have cropped most of the backing from the scan).

What I know about it:

Photographer is Loryea of Spokane, Washington.  Written on the back in pencil is a name that seems to be Jennie Rosa, though it’s hard to read.  (I tried to scan it to show you, but it didn’t work.)


I googled Loryea, and found lots of puzzle pieces that seem to fit together as follows.  Two brothers, Milton and Archie Loryea, moved with their mother (and possibly at least one more brother) from San Jose, California, to Spokane, Washington, where they opened the Loryea Studio (or Studios, depending on the source) in 1892.  Given that Archie was born in Portland, Oregon, it seems to have been a rather peripatetic family.  One evening in November of 1900 (November 25 or 26, again depending on the source), Archie was chatting with his mother on the living room sofa when he keeled over and died from a heart attack at age 35.  Milton continued on with the studio alone for at least another decade or so.  Somebody with better costume expertise than I have may be able to give a sense of whether or not Archie may have been around for this photo.

8 comments on “Woman in Spokane, Washington”

  1. I really like the old oval frames. They don’t seem to work as well now a days though.

  2. It is nice studio portrait well executed. I like how photographer captured expression and fine work with details.
    And it is sad that poor Archie died of heart attack at age of 35. So young .

  3. This is a very fine photo…and colorful family history.

  4. Even with the intricate, ornate collar on the sitter’s outfit, I am struck by the serene simplicity of this photograph.

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