Flower girls

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What it is:

Photo measuring approx. 4.5 x 3.5 inches.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


I assume these are flower girls for a wedding.  They are adorable.  One small detail: on the bouquet behind the girl on the right is hanging what looks like a luggage tag.  That doesn’t look like the sort of card I’m used to seeing with a bouquet today.  Is that how a greeting was affixed to a bouquet then?  Also, I have to admit, I love the lamp.

6 comments on “Flower girls”

  1. Maybe the flowers were tagged with the church address they were to be delivered to later? They look like decorations.

    • That makes sense. Now that you mention it, I think it’s more common to send flowers to a funeral than a wedding, so these are probably just decorations, rather than gifts from well-wishers.

  2. The little girls say wedding, the floral displays say funeral – and the setting looks like a home. Oh, if only some of these vintage photos could talk!

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