Two happy wanderers in France

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What it is:

Four photos, each  measuring approx. 3 x 5 inches.

What I know about it:

Written in pencil on the back of the upper left photo:  Two happy wanderers on the Esplanade at Nice.  Written on the back of the upper right photo:  Bossons Glacier / Chamonix.  Written on the back of the lower right photo:  At the entrance of the Grotto, Bossons.  Don’t I look like a vampire.


I have a stack of about thirty-five or so photos of a trip that these two ladies, Hazel and the unnamed woman who wrote the captions, took on a trip through France in May of an unspecified year.  (They are from a larger purchase of hundreds of unsorted photos.  Piecing this set together involved recognizing the women first, then the handwriting on the back, plus the general size and age of the photos, allowing me to connect photos that didn’t include people.)  It looks like a wonderful trip, with many points of interest as seen in photos of picturesque towns and beautiful countrysides.  I’ll post more tomorrow.  By the way, I previously posted one of them here, and while I know nothing of Hazel and her companion besides the fact that they took a vacation together, a part of me hopes that they are a couple.  Also, the man in the upper right photo seems to be a guide, who appears in another, blurrier photo of climbing the glacier.

8 comments on “Two happy wanderers in France”

  1. The Chamonix gentleman – i want him on a t-shirt… Professional models can’t pose as gracefully.

  2. It is interesting how similarly both ladies are dressed in the photos of them together.

    • Yes, I’m sure some of it is just the fashion, but I imagine they have similar tastes, too, if they are good enough friends to be traveling together.

  3. Just a historical tidbit: I think the term “vampire” here might refer to the Theda Bara style of vampire (aka “vamp”), rather than the literal blood drinkers of “Dracula.”
    The caption-writer is sort of tilting her head down in a Theda Bara way.

    • Ha, that’s a great picture of Theda Bara! I can see what you mean. Though I still think she could easily be referring to herself as looking like the undead.

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