Elegant, scowling man

By: usermattw

Jun 25 2013

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Category: Men


Click here to view it larger.

What it is:

Photo measuring 2 x 5.75 inches.  Remnants of glue and paper on the back suggest it had been mounted into a cardboard frame.

What I know about it:

Nothing!  Undated and unidentified.


Perhaps that’s not a scowl.  Perhaps that’s just the way his face is naturally at rest.  But then perhaps somebody could gently suggest that a hint of a smile would not be out of place, even if a certain hauteur is the intended effect.  Still, despite his Peter Lorre-esque face, he manages to look quite elegant.

8 comments on “Elegant, scowling man”

  1. I think that’s how his face is. He has a harelip.

    • Hmm, the more I look, the more I think he doesn’t have the prettiest mouth to begin with, though I’m not sure it’s quite a harelip. And I certainly wouldn’t have poked fun at his appearance if I thought it derived from a birth defect.

  2. Harelip, definitely… Unusual format, as well.

    • Hmm, maybe I’m misunderstanding the meaning of harelip. I thought it was where the lip was split to look like there were two lips, not just one of an unusual shape like this. In any case, I agree the photo has an unusual format.

      • I thought that’s what it was, too–I know someone whose little one had to have surgery because of it. If you look it up, the pictures you get are not like this one, although it’s possible he has some kind of physical issue. His expression reads very differently once you consider the non-scowl possibilities.

      • I agree that, if his mouth looks that way because of some physical abnormality, rather than just his attitude, it gives a whole different impression of his pose.

  3. My comment was meant to be a reply to Matt’s, in case that wasn’t clear.

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