Woman with three children and a doll

By: usermattw

Oct 14 2013

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Category: Children, Families


Click here to view it larger.

Click here to view the back.

What it is:

Photo measuring

What I know about it:

There is handwriting on the back that I can’t read.  Click the above link if you’d like to try.


To me, this has the look of something European, or of recent immigrants from Europe, and it seems that part of the reason I find the handwriting on the back indecipherable is that it may not be in English.  Not only can I not tell what the writing says, but I can’t even be certain it corresponds to the image on the front.  (I have at least one photo that was used as a scrap of paper for a shopping list.)  But I’m guessing it relates to the image, and is a message to somebody who means something to the woman pictured, perhaps a distant relative, or even family she left behind.  The photo is a little more damaged than I usually post, but in this case the wear and tear, combined with the assumption that it carries a message to accompany her slightly pained look, gives it the feel of being not just a random image, but a found document of somebody’s history.

2 comments on “Woman with three children and a doll”

  1. The individual expressions are quite interesting…even if it is a bit worn.

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