Dapper man with a happy toddler

By: usermattw

Feb 18 2015

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Category: Children, Pairs


Click here to see it larger.


What it is:

Photo (3.75 x 5.5 inches) affixed to a cardboard frame/backing (6 x 9 inches; I have cropped most of the backing from the scan).


What I know about it:

The name “Potter” is embossed in tiny letters on the bottom front of the cardboard frame.  Likely the name of the photographer?  The number “1912” is written in pencil on the back.  Likely the date?



I decided to give myself a little break from daily blogging for a couple of reasons, and suddenly about nine months had passed!  I guess life was distractingly good in the interim.  But even with months of nothing new, I have seen a recent increase in the number of visitors to my blog, including some new followers.  I’ve enjoyed seeing which posts they’ve looked at, reminding myself of some that I had largely forgotten.  I found myself with a renewed interest in my photos, and I decided I ought to post again, at least occasionally.  There isn’t much to say about this one except that the man looks unusually well dressed (to my eyes) for a portrait like this.  And they both look happy, which makes me happy.


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