White bow, dark bow

By: usermattw

Sep 28 2015

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Category: Children, Groups


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What it is:

Photo measuring a bit more than 3.5 x 5.5 inches.


What I know about it:

Nothing.  Undated and unidentified.



I was scanning something, and realized I hadn’t posted anything in a while, so I figured I’d grab a couple old photos to scan as well.  There isn’t much to make these three adorable kids stand out from my other photos of adorable kids, but the big bows caught my attention.  They both seem almost comically oversized to my modern eyes, even though I know they were quite common then.  But I’m intrigued by the way these two accessories, which are essentially the same, can seem so different when used in different ways.  I wonder what color the boy’s bow tie is.  And I wonder why the little tyke doesn’t have one.  Is it something he has to grow into?

7 comments on “White bow, dark bow”

  1. I was just talking to someone–I can’t remember who!–about giant bows, and she said that a Russian woman she knows said they still make little girls wear them there–and that they hurt!

  2. I think the littlest boy has already grown out of it. He refused to wear it, me thinks. His older brother has a wonderful look in his eye, as if he is looking at someone to say get me out of here!

  3. What a charming trio!

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