People posing with a truck

By: usermattw

Feb 28 2016

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Click here to view it larger.


What it is:

Photo measuring a bit more than 4.5 x 2.75 inches.


What I know about it:

Something I can’t quite decipher is written in pencil on the back.  It may or may not have something to do with the picture on the front.  Click here if you’d like to try figuring it out.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Otherwise, no information.



This one has always intrigued me.  Who are these people?  Where are they?  (Although I can read the number 345 on the license plate, I can’t see the rest of it clearly enough to try to determine the location.)  Why are a bunch of them standing in the back of a truck?  It is a special occasion?  Is the truck a new one that they are showing off?  Also, not for the first time, I’m amazed that such a detailed photo has been presented in such a small print, and I hope that whoever owned it had a magnifying glass.

12 comments on “People posing with a truck”

  1. The three women in white on the right look as though they are dressed in similar outfits, like uniforms. Nurses or. . . . ?

    • Yes, I wondered about them. Is it some sort of special outfit or uniform (anything from nurses to bridesmaids), or just a coincidence that the three women in white are standing next to each other?

  2. I agree that they are nurses. As for the location, I’m leaning toward a foreign land. It would have to be a climate that doesn’t get a lot of rain, given that the two buildings have flat roofs. I would have guessed South America, but the head scarfs of some of the women throws me. And the Germanic word on the back doesn’t lead to a Hispanic country. The truck is not new, but perhaps new to them.

    • Yes, my impression is that it’s somewhere other than the United States. My first thought was Eastern Europe, but I could be way off base.

  3. My guess for the text on the back is a name – something like “Schroindt, Viola – 1.” There’re so many interesting things going on here! I think the license plate is the key to figuring it all out. The buildings make me think of the Southwest, and many of the faces are darker as if they’re of “native” ancestry, but the attire (suits, etc.) would lead me to believe that it isn’t a hot climate, unless it happens to be a special occasion (e.g. a funeral). The darker skin could also be farm laborers with sun exposure. And the truck is left-side drive, so it’s more likely to be Eastern Europe ( ), but then why would the buildings have flat roofs? The tall man in the truck bed – with his hand extended – reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt, though likely just because of his glasses. What kind of trees are they? I have a tough time identifying young trees.

    • Thanks for the detective work! Funny, but I was assuming the Teddy Roosevelt figure was a woman (if we’re looking at the same person). I’m also amused by the people on the far left who are simply wandering away, like they’ve had enough of this scenario.

      • The Teddy Roosevelt person is like a foot taller than everyone else in the truck and wearing a man’s hat (from the viewer’s perspective, he’s just to the right of the woman who is holding a piece of paper)

      • Oh, that’s funny, I was looking at the shorter person to that guy’s right. Clearly a woman, but with, to my eyes, the face of Teddy Roosevelt. 🙂 Speaking of the woman with the piece of paper, I wonder what that paper is, and if it could be a clue to the occasion. The guy standing next to the tree is holding a book, but who knows if that’s relevant.

  4. I think this is a local taxi service! I used to travel this way quite frequently when I lived in Latin America. Still doesn’t shed any light on the occasion or place. Fascinating image!

  5. I bet it’s the first motor vehicle in town.

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